General Warehouse Safety

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Are exposed or open loading dock doors chained off, roped off, or otherwise blocked?

Are any other areas where employees could fall four feet or more chained off, roped off, or otherwise blocked?      
Are floors and aisles clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills, and any other hazards that could cause employees to slip, trip, or fall?      
Do the established job task time expectations allow time for safe work practices?        
Are employees who perform physical work allowed adequate periodic rest breaks to avoid dangerous fatigue levels?      
Do the newly – hired employees receive general ergonomics training to protect them as they lift and move objects as well as task-specific training?        
Is the warehouse well ventilated?        

Have employees been trained on how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments?


Conversely, have your employees been trained on how to work safely in cold environments?

Does the warehouse have lockout/tagout procedures in place where needed?      

This General Warehouse Safety Checklist is NOT all-inclusive. You should add to it as necessary or skip parts that are not applicable to your company.  Carefully consider each item, and refer to OSHA standards for complete and specific guidelines that may apply to your work environment. This list is typical for general industry, not construction or maritime. 

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