Safety Inspection Checklist

PPE: Sanitizing Equipment and Clothing

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Is PPE (personal protective clothing) or equipment that employees are required to wear or use, or a type capable of being cleaned easily and disinfected?

Are employees prohibited from sharing PPE or equipment, unless it has been properly cleaned?      
Are machines and equipment, which process, handle or apply materials that could be injurious to employees, cleaned and/or decontaminated before being overhauled or placed in storage?      
Are employees prohibited from smoking or eating in any area where contaminates that could be injurious if ingested are present?      
When employees are required to change from street clothing into protective clothing, is a clean change room with separate facilities for storing PPE and street clothing provided?      
Are employees required to shower and wash their hair as soon as possible after a known contact has occurred with a carcinogen?        
When equipment, materials, or other items are taken into or removed from a carcinogen regulated area, is it done in a manner that will NOT  contaminate     non-regulated areas or the external environment?        

This PPE safety inspection checklist is NOT all-inclusive. You should add to it as necessary or skip parts that are not applicable to your company.  Carefully consider each item, and refer to OSHA standards for complete and specific guidelines on health and safety equipment that may apply to your work environment. This list is typical for general industry, not construction or maritime. Additional economical training resources on using health and safety equipment, as well as PPE can be found here.

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