Self-Inspection Checklist

Powder Actuated Tools Safety

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Work Safety Guidelines Checklist

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Are employees who operate powder-actuated tools trained in their use and carry a valid operator's card?

Is each powder-actuated tool stored in its own locked container when not being used?      
Is a sign at least 7 inches by 10 inches with bold face type reading "POWDER-ACTUATED TOOL IN USE" prominently posted when the tool is being used?      
Are powder actuated tools left unloaded until they are actually ready to be used?      
Are powder actuated tools inspected for obstructions or defects each day before use?      
Do powder actuated tool operators have and use appropriate personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety goggles, safety shoes and ear protectors?        

This Powder Actuated Tools Safety Checklist of work safety guidelines is NOT all-inclusive. You should add to it as necessary or skip parts that are not applicable to your company.  Carefully consider each item, and refer to OSHA powder actuated tools safety standards for complete and specific guidelines that may apply to your work environment. This list is typical for general industry, not construction or maritime. 

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