Self-Inspection Checklist

Transportation of Employees and Materials

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Do employees who operate vehicles on public thoroughfares have valid operator’s licenses?

When seven or more employees are regularly transported in a van, bus or truck, is the operator’s license appropriate for the class of vehicle being driven?      
Is each van, bus or truck used regularly for employee transportation equipped with an adequate number of seats?      
When employees are transported by truck, are provisions provided to prevent their falling from the vehicle?      
Are employee transportation vehicles equipped with lamps, brakes, horns, mirrors, windshields and turn signals and are they in good repair?      
Are employee transportation vehicles provided with handrails, steps, stirrups or similar devices, so placed and arranged that employees can safely mount or dismount?        
Are employee transportation vehicles equipped at all times with at least two reflective type flares?        

Is a full charged fire extinguisher, in good condition, with at least 4 B:C rating maintained in each employee transportation vehicle?


When cutting tools or tools with sharp edges are carried in passenger compartments of employee transportation vehicles, are they placed in closed boxes or containers which are secured in place?

Are employees prohibited from riding on top of any load which can shift, topple, or otherwise become unstable?      

This Transportation of Employees checklist is NOT all-inclusive. You should add to it as necessary or skip parts that are not applicable to your company.  Carefully consider each item on transportation of employees, and refer to OSHA safety program requirements on OSHA transportation safety for complete and specific guidelines that may apply to your employee transportation system. This list is typical for general industry, not construction or maritime. Additional economical OSHA transportation safety training and safety supplies can be found here.

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